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医疗机构的风险管理职能 Risk Management Function in Healthcare Organisation

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In a corporate world there is a need to maintain the continuous assurance of success and achieving the desired goals of the company. As businesses start to develop and grow, it has become essential for these companies to identify risks that might hinder their growth and possibly decrease profit. This has made the introduction of risk management very imperative in the organization.
To prevent financial crises, an enterprise must have strong footing on the theory of risk management, beginning with anticipating or finding possible risks, discovery of ways to reduce them and to implementation of guidelines to diminish these threats and to increase the development of the enterprise.
This paper offers a balance of essential information and indicators on how the management of risk in a financial institution takes place, its benefits and components.
Examine and discuss the purpose of risk management within an enterprise.
Risk management has been defined by ISO 31000 (2009) as principles and guidelines. It provides principles, framework and a process for managing risk. In a financial institution it can be used in risk planning, risk assessment, risk handling and risk monitoring. Once a risk have been identified, a detailed description of this risk should be taken into account; from likelihood of occurrence, its impact as well as taking into consideration the cost, scope frequency and other factors that might contribute to that risk.
Within that framework of thought onto the concise analysis of the risk identified, a response plan should or will be developed. This part may take up a lot of time and be given a longer time frame within the process for these may undergo trial milestones or surveys. As these trial plans on reducing risks are taking place, it is the responsibility of the enterprise to initiate an immediate response plan before a concrete procedure or plan has been developed to reduction or risks. Relevant communication between all parties involved should be implemented and consultation with the assigned departments should hasten this process.
Implementation of procedures on risk management then follows with the continual reassessment or monitoring of the effects or outcome of the procedures to the expected drop of risk on the enterprise. A framework on the implementation and review on the procedures should be properly documented as to gauge the effectiveness of the plan being instigated.(责任编辑:cinq)

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