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沃尔玛的人力资源管理 Human Resources Management at Walmart(6)

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8 Responsibilities of the Department of Human Resources 人力资源部的职责
Different companies and different departments working within the organization, and these departments including sales management to human resources management.
Human Resources department staff muscles depends on size of staff in company. Job opportunities in this section includes human resources coordinator, human resources and assistant director of human resources management. Can the responsibilities of human resources management as follows: -
1: Human resources management is doing all the planning, advertising, interviewing and selection of staff.
2: Department should know law at all levels from federal, state or provincial and local laws relevant to the work of staff.
3: This section helps companies on training and staff development. Companies train their staff to a variety of reasons, such as motivating staff to learn new things new. The length of hours of time for several weeks, depends on the nature of the exercises. Some time and include safety measures in the workplace. As mentioned by Derek, et al (2004) that "It shall be the duty of every employer to ensure, so far as is practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all staff."
4: should any private company to use the drive is able to attract staff, skilled and hard work. After the payment of these benefits are shared to keep on encouraging workers for a long time on the functions of the organization. These include the benefits for time of unemployment. Companies offer a variety of benefits, including dental insurance, and vision insurance and payments for a few days off.
8.1 Tasks performed
And human resources in any company that requires kind of management, that involves several steps for this process. They look to achieve all these goals mentioned above. Cannot be performed by each of these activities in human resources management, but some tasks can be outsourced or cannot be performed by these executives, even by other departments. People at Wal-Mart human resources, efficient in their jobs, they provide significant benefits to employees who claim Associates. The following are the main tasks carried out by human resources departments at Wal-Mart: -

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