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沃尔玛的人力资源管理 Human Resources Management at Walmart(5)

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These practices are: - 1) job security, (2) recruitment of flour, 3) training and large-scale, 4) the exchange of information, 5) capable teams, 6) also paid a much higher according to the profit and reduce the inequalities in the position of the staff.
6.2 best fit, or approach of emergency
Says that the management of human resources that can perform well when there was a suit involving the required vertical on the performance of human resources management and corporate strategy. There must be a unity between the process closely and human resources and policy with the policy of the foreign company. There are various theories related to vertical integration. For example is life cycle models, that argue in favor of the human resources which according to experts can be easily known in development stage of any organization by its policies and practices that it adopts at development or life cycle process. Some other models of competitive advantage that the idea of Porter on strategic choice. Maps a variety of human resources practices in the organization options for the development of competitive strategy. The third is configurationally models that provide a more accurate assessment depends safe from an organizational strategy to determine the appropriate human resources policies and practices. Wal-Mart is famous for this approach because it is conscious to get the best people to do their job, because they are not many offers, such as previous experiences of the application, it is also strict rules in the second performance evaluations.
Showing 6.3 resources and building
According to some is the basis for modern human resources management, and it focuses mostly on internal organizational resources, and considers how these resources contribute to competitive advantage. And the scarcity of resources is ideal for harmony and human resources management and its central role for the development of human resources organizational value, and this is rare, it is sometimes difficult to replace and organize effectively.
Wal-Mart in the keyword in the field of human resources is a "valid" but the staff who works to meet these goals which are set by organization.
7 Academic theory 学术理论
It is based on the fundamental principle of human beings are not like machines, and therefore any organization needs to have multidisciplinary assessment at their workplace for all staff. Many areas of psychology, for example, sociology, industrial relations, economics, engineering, industrial and monetary theories play an important role and a key. Universities and colleges offer diverse courses in human resources management. Wal-Mart and a good learning approach to build capacity in the area of personnel.
One commonly used way to explain the function of human resources management was developed by Dave Ulrich, which identifies four areas of the role of human resources management:(责任编辑:BUG)

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