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沃尔玛的人力资源管理 Human Resources Management at Walmart(4)

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This layout is about the workforce and provides the opportunity to work on long-term thinking about the relevant services in the future, and needs, and explore all viable strategies. Thus, the central planning for company work becomes important for the organizations.
4.1 Employment Requirements
Critical stage in the recruitment of human resources management. It should be well planned and structured so that the organization can recruit the right person for the right place instead of just making the availability of another person at work. There are many of the problems faced during this process and managers for some time and the inability to focus, time and financial resources necessary to make this process effective. Wal-Mart that they always take qualified personnel and according to it, and it makes employees with proper education and skils efficiency.
4.2 Development and Training
Appointment comes after the development and training stage. Most the organizations unfortunately sometimes even for technical jobs do not provide adequate training for their employees before hiring and employment. There must be made sound system which can ensure that the Organization the necessary arrangements to work before and on the job training and development for their employees. The-job training is the main part in the field of human resources at Wal-Mart is now not only offers these courses for their employees, but in times of recession, they offer training courses for some people who are by this time of recession. (Wal-Mart, 2010)
5 Administration of human resources and staff performance 人力资源管理和工作人员业绩
Human resources management are primarily responsible for the employee's performance in business administration (Jones, 2007). To achieve its purposes, which is responsible for dealing with staff from induction to work on and improve their commitment and reduce absenteeism and turnover, and improving skills levels and productivity, and improve the quality and efficiency of its work.
6 Century 20 key ways to manage human resources 20世纪人力资源管理的关键途径
There are some key criteria developed that are in use from the days of the 20 century and developed later by some HR professionals to achieve the highest standards of performance and strongly recommend the organization to follow the rules of these standards for the performance of high-quality employees. These are the best practices, fit this view of resources.
6.1 Best practices
Also called as "high commitment" human resource management to ensure that the realization of the best practices in human resources makes improvement to organizational performance. There are many best practices to keep the advantage using the employees for profits by giving due importance to staff at Wal-Mart.(责任编辑:BUG)

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