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MTV的SWOT分析 SWOT Analysis of MTV(7)

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MTV had encountered obstacles in reaching the local audience through their cultural misunderstandings therefore it started to lose its dominating power as there are other interest the markets and audience wants to be met. Thus MTV will need to find out what exactly these interests are and expand to this if they would want to maintain a dominating position. Cable Television offers several other choices that MTV is removed from its monopoly.
They must understand the cultural background they are penetrating by making appropriate aspects such as advertising, brand, and cultural contexts.
Thes channels have an opportunity to merge into mobile and Internet companies for the wider distribution of their products and better solution what the market demands. At the same time, MTV may enjoy visibility in wireless technologies allowing the market to “have its MTV” when they want it. MTV can give an enhanced on-demand viewing experience the web and mobile.
Globalization has helped MTV to get into international deals and the emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil having rich growth opportunities to venture into.Since two thirds of Asia's population belongs to the 12-34 age group which is MTV's Target market.It will be a large market to explore and cater toand also due to Asia having interest in Western Products.Data says that MTV has up to 54 million homes in China.
   Other substitute and the emergence of Digital cable will be a threat to MTV's current dominance. Germany had created their own local music channels that would be a threat to MTV. They have the advantage of their familiarity of the audience that MTV hardly has.
Many Digital platforms provide other alternatives for the population to spend their past time and thus MTV must know well to penetrate this. For MTV to continue setting trends, it must be open to other possibilities as its consumers are known to be demanding and possessing short attention spans.
New cable networks and channels have been eager to take a chunk out of MTV's advertising share. However, the advertising revenue has been decreased as cable networks lose their appeal. The presence of new digital and media forms provide advertisers other new and emerging ways and alternatives in marketing their products.
The threat in MTV's chosen market is that the young adult stage is a turbulent and short-lived stage and the young adult's sensibilities and interests are quick to change.
   Production of more channels as a result of technology development allowing local cable and satellite technology to create more and increase bandwidth.

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