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MTV的SWOT分析 SWOT Analysis of MTV(6)

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The success of the business organization entails detailed understanding and examination of political, social and economic factors that influence the growth and continuous operations of the company. Studying the important consideration relevant to the organization to serve the purpose and objectives of the company will determine its success. Consequently, decision-makers of the company should be sensitive of the general trends and changes that are taking place in their industry. This will include efforts to maximize the opportunities available while reducing the risks that confront the business organization. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks that characterize the operations of MTV are detailed in the discussions that follow.
MTV dominates the young adult population who are some of the strongest money spenders due to its association of popular culture.
MTV appealed to the population not only through the music but also through its coverage on lifestyle, film, fashion and other forms of leisure and entertainment that captured this market.
MTV is a channel that has a personal appeal that cable networks and advertisers come knocking on MTV's door.
MTV positioned itself as it gives the young adults what they want and at the same time, this market determines what MTV should show them.
It was percieved that MTV is an empowering vehicle to the young adult market, which allows them to have a more pronounced self-esteem, power and personality which allows MTV to constantly claim the dominating position.
One of its strength also MTV's appeal to its advertisers. During its many programs such as the Music awards, MTV has received sponsors from many companies that are confident to enjoy exposure in MTV's sought after programs.Ex- PepsiCo and Ford.
MTV has been served as a launch pad of present favorites and successful artists.
It expanded and exploited other media and entertainment forms other than music such as those brought by films and video games.
Its constant mergers with companies such as the Philippines' National Broadcasting Company will further localize MTV and fit the interests of its audience and bridging cultural as well as regional differences.
MTV has since expanded to India and China and has been continuing its move towards alliances and mergers for wider distribution and for tailored products. Partnerships will allow MTV to cement its influence in a fast moving insatiable consumer market.
MTV's constant support for social and political causes will allow greater relevance and presence. Its involvement with such issues strengthens its power and influence in the realm of entertainment media. Its expansion to other media forms will allow it to deliver more services other than just mere music. MTV's VH-1 will allow MTV to maintain its dominant position among other markets.(责任编辑:cinq)

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