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MTV的SWOT分析 SWOT Analysis of MTV(2)

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Analyzing the case based on the porter's five force model :-
A supplier's influence is defined by its ability to bargain price and influence availability of materials. Other strengths of the supplier include their ability to
increase prices without suffering from a decrease in volume,
reduce the quantity supplied,
organize in a formal or informal manner,
compete in an environment with relatively few substitutes,
provide a product/material that is a critical part of the end product or service,
impose switching costs on their customers when they depart,
integrate downstream by purchasing or controlling the distribution channels.
As such, every company that depends on the services and materials from key suppliers need to be sensitive on the variables that are highly important and considered by the suppliers.
MTV and CHANNEL V - Medium to high for record companies, music producers, and movie companies. The supplier is the music industry which provides content and programming. The decision-makers of the company should have a clear understanding of the business dynamics in which suppliers are directly involved in. These include the suppliers' concentration or their focus and core business interests, variety of products and design offered, and the alternative resources that are available. In this light, it is most appropriate to build win-win relationships with suppliers or arrange the use multiple suppliers in order to protect the interests of both ends.
It describes the impact customers have on an industry. Stronger the buying power stronger is the influence in determining the price. The bargaining power of buyers increases when they have the ability to
make agreements with other companies providing similar products and services,
purchase a product that represents a significant fraction of the expenses incurred by the company,
purchase of a product that is undifferentiated,
incur low changes in costs when they change vendors,
be price sensitive by bearing in mind the options available, and
Integration to purchase the goods of the suppliers.
MTV and CHANNEL V- Teenagers to young adults, advertisers, satellite Cos, TV channels.
Barganing Power of Buyers - High for advertisers, satellite/TV channels especially due to the fierce competition between the two.
New Entrants
The competition is determined by the number of new companies entering the industry. Success can be determined by evaluating the methods of entry and exit for a new player. Although any company should be able to enter and exit the sector, each industry presents different levels of difficulty influenced by economics. These unique characteristics of the each industry are referred to as barriers to entry which may come from different aspects of the business ranging from supplies to technology. They seek to reduce the rate of entry of new entrants which leads to maintenance of a level of profits for the existing players.(责任编辑:cinq)

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