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MTV的SWOT分析 SWOT Analysis of MTV

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第一个在亚洲播放音乐电视的音乐频道是美国音乐频道MTV。它于1991年通过印度卫视的卫星进入印度市场。但两年后,由于对本地节目数量的分歧,它离开了市场,一个新的平台出现在明星频道的channel V上,这是在Rupert Murdoch的新闻公司收购了明星电视之后。由于MTV的市场是全球性的,Channel V强调本地艺人和电视主持人和一而享有垄断的市场地位。但这种垄断是不长,MTV进入亚洲市场的新战略来获取竞争优势和品牌形象。自那时以来,MTV在该地区的增长是巨大的。
The first music channel to broadcast music television in Asia was the American music channel MTV. It entered the Indian market in 1991 via Star TV's satellite. But two years later, over a disagreement regarding the amount of local programming it left the scene and a new player emerged in the form of Star TV's own Channel V. this was after Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation acquired Star TV. Since the MTV's approach to the market was global, channel V emphasis on local artistes and VJs and for a while enjoyed a monopoly position in the market. But this monopoly was not for long, MTV reentered the Asian market in 1995 with new strategies to gain competitive advantage and brand image. Since then the growth of MTV in the region has been tremendous.
In 1999, the rivalry manifested itself in an escalating war of words between Steve Smith of Channel V and Frank Brown of MTV with each alleging that the other was misrepresenting distribution figures. The case documents this feud and its effect on advertisers in the context of the emerging Asian market for televised music.
The Music Television Channel, MTV was created in collaboration of Media Company Warner Communication and Credit Card Company American Express on 1st August 1981. Within the next 10 years MTV had become a popular culture icon among the youth. It became a launch platform for artists and became a whole lifestyle in itself. MTV popularized music and changed the way audience conceived it before.
Whereas Channel V, an international music channel chain, owned by Star TV network and is aired in many countries around Australia, Asia and the Middle East, played both mainstream and alternative music. There approach was local. Their target was the 15-24-age set, where it currently trails with its competitor, MTV. This funky channel is a craze among music loves and the young generation.
The case also talks about the initial success of channel V which lead to a shift in MTV's programming mix and the various steps adopted by MTV that enabled it to become the market leader at the cost of channel V.(责任编辑:cinq)

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