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SWOT Analysis分析-张家口茶叶市场计划

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Marketing Plan营销计划
SWOT AnalysisSWOT分析
张家口的人口是653000人,一个古文化街半径5英里范围内则有70000个人生活。这70000个人中,有38%个或26600个人中,年龄都是在26岁至50岁之间--作为我们的目标年龄的对象。鉴于我们的高档茶的选择,基于当地的收入水平张家口的人口普查数据,我们估计3 / 4的人已存在品牌忠诚或经济条件的约束,会阻止他们访问我们的茶馆。例如,最著名的茶叶零售店是张沂源垄断多年的茶叶零售市场。我们当地的目标市场大概有7000人。然而,有超过10000名学生从初中和一所高中附近的街道中。这是目标群体是针对荷兰甜点。基于旅游产业形成张家口旅游管理的研究,在本市的国内和国际旅游市场与旅游经济的迅速发展日益增多。2013从一月到十月,张家口接待国内和国际游客超过2330万3700,以32.31%的同比增速;此外,旅游收入与¥156亿3200万,同比增长46.78%。特别是,在十月,有232万是7000名来自国内外的游客,随着逐年增长,旅游收入22%¥15亿5800万,与同比增长35.52%。In this section, the SWOT analysis has been employed to help business to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved in Sweet & Bitter. SWOT analysis is a marketing method for structured planning for businesses. The goal of Sweet & Bitter is to provide the finest premium tea and pastries at an accessible and affordable price to satisfy middle to upper-middle income residents and tourists of the Ancient Culture Street in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. 
The population of Zhang Jiakou is 653,000, with 70,000 living within a 5 mile radius of Ancient Cultural Street. Of these 70,000 people, 38%, or 26,600, are between the ages of 26 and 50 - our target age group of tea. Given our upscale tea selection, and based on Zhang Jiakou census data for local income levels, we estimate that 3/4 of these people have pre-existing brand loyalties or economic constraints that would discourage them from visiting our tea house. For instance, the most famous tea retail shop is Zhang Yiyuan which monopolizes the tea retail market for years. Our local target market could be roughly 7,000 people. However, there are more than 10,000 students from two junior high schools and one senior high school near the street. This is the target group of Dutch desserts. Based on the study of tourist industry form Zhang Jiakou Tourist Administration, the domestic and international tourism markets in this city are rising day by day, and the tourism economy is rapid developing. From January to October in 2013, Zhang Jiakou received domestic and international tourists over 23.3037 million, with year on year growth 32.31%; besides, the tourism revenue was ¥15.632 billion, with 46.78% of year on year growth. Especially, in October, there were 2.327 million tourists from home and abroad, with 22% of year on year growth and the tourism revenue was¥1.558 billion, with 35.52% of year on year growth.(责任编辑:anne)

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