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A business report for McDonald’s

Introduction McDonald’s was founded in 1955. It is famous for its fast food all over the world. We can see “M”all over the world. It has about thirty thousand sub branches in the world. It attracts so many people love it. Its advertisement “I’m Lovin’ it” is popular all over the world. Shadow, Tom, Jack and David will use the SWOT analysis to find out its strength, weakness, opportunity and threat .We believe that the analysis will help McDonald’s develop faster and to be more powerful. Strength Expansion in low cost McDonald’s has a privilege to franchise, McDonald’s uses this franchise to carry out large-scale low-cost expend. With the help of low-cost expend, McDonald’s can gain reasonable profit, and don’t refer to the high capital risk. McDonald’s has settled up about thirty thousand franchise stores.

These stores have a deep understand in their area, so they can find business opportunity more easily. The brand purpose is good. McDonald’s applies itself to build its good brand image and gain success. Many investors don’t have so much experience in the market. Faced with an increasingly competitive market, they all in the dry tree, they all want to invest a good outstanding achievement and have a big strength’s franchise. Recur to its good brand image, excellent management mode and others support system, the investors can risk reduction. So McDonald’s is their right choice. McDonald’s has a good brand purpose; this will attract a number of investors, then McDonald’s will have huge goodness.

Weakness Franchise stores have no unified standards In many people’s eyes, McDonald’s is a successful company, it has so many strong points and so many advantages, but McDonald’s also has a lot of questions. McDonald is a very good company, it has a good reputation, but it is only a fast-food restaurant. It should try to another direction, with McDonald reputation, plus good planning, management, can make the enterprise to go further. McDonald has thirty thousand franchise stores in the world. These franchise store stand in different areas. So it is different to manage these franchise stores. There is no unified management among them. No unified means these franchise stores’management is jumbled. McDonald should pay attention to this question. Only a unified management system can make success. Opportunity Develop in the Second Tier City and remote cities McDonald’s will be more focused on the Second Tier City and remote cities.

Many Second Tier City and remote cities receive small influence in the economic crisis. So McDonald’s will focus on these cities. It is a chance for these cities. And it is also a chance for McDonald’s. McDonald can use this chance to enter Greater China in the round. The active cyber economy gives a lot of chances for people. Cyber economy is becoming more popular Internet is becoming more and more popular in the recently years. Network industry also becomes more and more important. Chinese network industry has developed fast, McDonald’s invest more in cyber economy, and McDonald’s chooses “Corporate Yahoo!” to build its portals. The portals are used to manage McDonald’s huge logistics, and it can also serve McDonald’s workersall over the world. The portals support a terrace for the workers and the people who focus on McDonald. If McDonald uses these portals well, the portals will support useful information to help McDonald develop in a safe way. Threats The outside threat Economic crisis makes a number of investors have the wait and see mind, they also have dark invest mind, so many investors don't want to spend so much money on the invest. Their confidence is under the influence.

The few expense leads to the direct market rub, McDonald’s comes across this rub, and then the number of McDonald’s franchise will be less. The inside threat McDonald’s has been accused to pay low wages for workers. Not only in China, in other countries workers also complained about it. It’s also accused to sell unhealthy food. Because a lot ofMcDonald’s fast food has high fat and high energy. People will be fat or unhealthy if they eat so much fast food. The similar property’s threat McDonald’s also has threaten comes from the similar property, like KFC, Pizza hut. Many Chinese indigenous fast food properties like Wallace, Disco grab McDonald’s portion at a certain extent. Summary As we all know, a company will always have problems in its development process. We should face these problems and use our knowledge to avoid problems. Then the company will become more successfully. McDonald’s is famous for its fast food all over the world, it has big advantages, but McDonald’s also has some problems, we use SWOT analysis to help McDonald’s find its questions. We believe that with the help of analysis, McDonald’s will make greater success.


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