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财务投资评估报告怎么写?Assessment assignment-Business Finance & Inv

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 财务评估assignment-business财务投资评估通货膨胀公司征税和折扣率,Assessment assignment-Business Finance & Investment Appraisal&Inflation, Company Taxation and the Discount Rate

Business Finance & Investment Appraisal

Assessment: Individual assignment of 2,500 to 2,800 words

Submission Date: Until 3 p.m. Wednesday 5 May 2010
Undergraduate office, Pemberton Building

 Failure to submit TWO copies of your work by this deadline will result in a mark of 0%

 The assignment must also be submitted in electronic format to the ‘Turnitin’ drop-box in the Blackboard site for this module and the Turnitin reference code added to the hand-in sheet

 You are advised to plan your work carefully and back-up your work. Computing and printing problems will NOT be accepted as reasons for non-submission

 For your information when preparing your coursework essay, refer to the following:
o University Regulation on the Presentation of Work for Formal Assessment (URL:
o University Statement on Academic Integrity (
o Student Handbook on Plagiarism - remember to fully reference your work in the Harvard format.

Write the exact title of the essay question at the top of your answer
Choose one essay from the following:

1. To what extent do prices in financial markets reflect the underlying economic position of assets and the information available about them? How might this affect decisions on the source of finance for firms’ investment projects?

2. Examine the factors that affect a firm’s dividend policy. Can it be said that there is a ‘best’ approach when setting dividends?

3. Examine the relative merits of techniques of equity finance. What implications might financial market turbulence have for the ability of firms to raise finance through these means?(责任编辑:BUG)

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