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怎么写好一篇金融学硕士课程作业?留学生金融学assignment写作相关的内容技巧-analyse American a

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怎么写好一篇金融学硕士课程作业留学生金融学assignment写作相关的内容技巧。以下这些是一些和这个assignment相关的内容,thank you for your patience!
1)      Is the global economic crisis since 2008 the result of structural causation or social construction? Use theories of Marxism and constructivism to examine and analyse American and Australian experiences of this general crisis of capitalism.
This assignment is designed to train students in the basic requirements of research and writing, including reading review, notes and references. There are three main ways of accessing academic, scholarly, refereed journals, two through the library and alternatively via the internet. Libraries purchase academic journals which you can access electronically or by hard copy. Journals can be accessed directly through the library catalogue through searching under Journal, or via the electronic databases. We have one of the best libraries in the world in terms of electronic access to journals. It is important to access references provided by the online resource centre of textbook. Ten citations are sufficient. Footnotes do not count in 1500 words limit.
The essay is designed to test the students’ critical, analytical and research skills. The essay will require substantial reading and research and students should allow sufficient time for hunting down library materials.
General Guidance for Assignment due on 4 October
A vitally important element in passing written assignments is preparation. This means organising your work to give you sufficient time to prepare, read and write-up. On no account should you leave an assignment until the last day or so and then limit your reading to lecture notes and one or two books/articles. Your lecture notes are simply introductory guides, and after you have consulted them, you should set them aside and concentrate on reading widely. This will provide you with examples, arguments, issues and analysis not contained in the lectures.
An assignment should display the following attributes:
• A clear understanding of what the question is asking.
• A well-defined structure that makes sense in terms of the question set.
• Evidence of wide reading through the use of relevant quotations, examples, statistics etc.
• Critical analysis of literature/themes/issues/evidence/arguments through pointing to how they fit into your overall argument.
• A conclusion which indicates that you have actually answered the set question and dealt with the issues raised by it. (责任编辑:BUG)

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