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留学生金融学作业写作需求:Corporate Finance Assi

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GSBS6130 Corporate Finance
Trimester 2 2010
留学生论文网Instructions: You are required to complete both the case studies. This is an individual assignment. Please ensure that you complete this assignment on your own. All submission must be made via Turn-It-In in the Word Document or PDF format. A hard-copy must also be submitted to the lecturer on the due date. Keep a copy of your assignment for your own reference.
Case Study 1
Part 1: Investors head for the Island
In the last few years in Australia, housing prices have gone up rapidly, not only in capital cities, but also in many other areas. The article ‗Investors head for the islands‘ appeared in the September 2003 issue of Personal Investor and provides an example of the validity of the time value of money concept. (The article is available for download in the Assignment folder on Blackboard).
Considering the above information and the article from the Personal Investor, complete the following three questions.
a. Peter has $300,000 and plans to invest this money in the best possible investment. He learns that the property market on the NSW Central Coast is expected to grow at a rate of at least 20% for the next three years. After discussing the issue with friends and investment advisors, Peter decides to invest his money in the property market. He buys a property on the NSW Central Coast for $300,000, with the intention of selling it after three years. As planned, Peter sells his NSW Central Coast property after three years. After receiving such an excellent return from the property market, Peter decides that he should change his investment pattern. He wants to double his money but this time, he is investing in relatively low-risk investments. After attending a couple of investment seminars and talking to investment advisors, Peter decides to invest his money at a 7% rate of return. How long will it take him to double his money and what is his wealth at the end of this period?
b. Are Peter Buitenhuis‘ claims regarding Phillip Island correct? Have property values increased 30% for this period if his property values are correctly quoted?
c. What would you have preferred to own at American River a year ago—a $65,000 prime land block or the cheapest land block?
Part 2: Financial Advisory Services
As a finance student, you are naturally inclined to want to share your skills for the benefit of others. You and a couple of friends have decided to open a free financial counselling service for students from other disciplines. The level of demand for your services has been most pleasing and you have interviewed a number of clients. Your assessments of each person‘s requirement are outlined below.
Client One – University Staff Union (USU)
The USU is currently negotiating with the university employers for the improved condition for staff. As part of the package, the university employers have developed the following proposals to help staff finance further studies:(责任编辑:BUG)

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