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Autumn Term, 2010-11

Essay: (20% of total module assessment).Submission Deadline: 29 November 2010 by 3.00 pm.

Emphasising the role that institutional shareholders Thesis is provided by UK thesis base proactively play in promoting good governance among listed companies, The Walker Review on the role of corporate governance in the banking crisis, says that,: ‘Early initiative under the rubric of preventive medicine will in many cases save substantial time and money at a later stage’ Walker Review, Section 5.29 p. 70.


Critically evaluate this statement in the light of empirical evidence on shareholder activism in the UK and elsewhere, like the US. Also, comment on whether you think the latest Stewardship Code for institutional investors is likely to be effective in increasing shareholder engagement and good governance in the investee companies in UK.

Total essay length: 1500-2000 words max.

Suggested Approach to Essay:

You could start by defining what shareholder activism is and what it encompasses; then talk about the various types of shareholders, their modes of engagement, evidence on shareholder activism, concluding with a discussion on the likely effectiveness of the Stewardship Code and its recommendations for improving governance of companies.

Some Suggested References:

Solomon (2010), relevant chapter

Kim and Nofsinger (3rd edition), relevant chapter

Black, B and Coffee, J (1998) Hail Brittania: Institutional investor behaviour under limited regulation, Michigan Law Review, 92

Gillan, S and Starks, L. (1998) Survey of shareholder activism: motivation and empirical evidence, Contemporary Finance Digest, (Autumn, 1998) 2, 3 10-34

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Not more regulation…..more responsibility, Independent on Sunday, 25 October 2009

In-depth corporate governance – investors show poor attendance record, FT Business, 9 November 2009

Financial: Investors get tough over bosses' tax deals: Thesis is provided by UK thesis base move comes as 50p rate is introduced in April: Shareholder body also warns over stock awards, The Guardian (London) - Final Edition, January 9, 2010(责任编辑:BUG)

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