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英国森德兰大学金融专业留学生作业格式指导-finance assignment lroeal

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英国森德兰大学金融专业留学生作业指导-finance assignment lroeal 
Learning outcomes:
Identify and evaluate the main sources of funds available to an organization and understand the key determinants of an organization’s capital structure and the risks these pose to the organization.
Describe and critically reflect upon the key issues involved in the effective management of an organization’s finances.
Apply theoretical concepts and frameworks to a range of practical situations in order to propose solutions to business problems. 
The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that the students have a basic level of skill in strategic financial ratio analysis. The students will also learn to analyze and critically discuss the performance and the position of the companies chosen for the assignment. In addition, this assignment is to help familiarize the student with library sources of industry financial standards.
The overall paper has an introduction, a body (comprising of formulas, calculations, interpretations and critical review) and conclusions.  The overall conclusion of the paper is a comparative evaluation of the firm to its industry to determine the overall STRATEGIC financial health of the firm
The content of each analysis is composed of three parts.  First, as per the instructions in the readings, students will calculate financial ratios for each firm.  It is not necessary to calculate every possible ratio for the firm but you must calculate at least three to four ratios in each of the five major areas (activity, liquidity, leverage, market performance, and profitability).
Next, the students will determine what the industry's standards are for the firm.  These are found by consulting any of the reference books on the subject or by constructing a market basket of competitors.  You will need to create a basket for the stock market ratios in any case (industry average comparisons). As for this purpose, students are strongly encouraged to use online resources such as the LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE, BURSA MALAYSIA REPORTS, YAHOO FINANCE, or refer to any books/issues/annual reports on Industry Norms/Industry performance. However, if the industry players are difficult to identify, students are allowed to choose the company’s closest competitor as their benchmark when performing the cross-sectional analysis. This decision requires supporting documents as justifications, from the media or other relevant sources.(责任编辑:anne)

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