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Risk management assignment

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风险管理留学生作业 Risk management assignment
Part 1
1.1 See As Attached
1.2 Incorporating the risk methodologies of risk factors discussed in the paper, in your project model.

Analysis of the results
From the figure 6 we can know the minimum duration is 82.09 days and the maximum is 113.21, and the skewness of the distribution is -0.30 which means the mean is shifted towards the pessimistic days. The Cumulative Density Function in Figure 7 reveals that 90% of the results lie between 90 and 106 days. In order to identify the influence of the risk factors on the duration of the project, a correlation analysis between the risk factor and project duration is conducted. Figure 8 shows that the weather and productivity have a high correlation (0.71 and 0.43, respectively) and this is regarded as a strong influence on the project duration compared with other factors .This type of analysis should help project management on focusing on the risk factors that influence the project duration substantially.

From the Table 3 and Table 4. The minimum and maximum of the project duration are 82.09 and 113.21 days, and in the paper are 57 and 94 days respectively. The mean and standard deviation obtained for the model are 99.29 and 5.05, and in the paper are 78.87 and 7.5 respectively. The skewness of the model is -0.30 and in the paper is -0.115. And 90% of the results for the duration in the model are between 90 and 106 days and in the paper 80% of the results are between 74 and 94 days.




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