Handbook Proposal Abstract introduction Literature Review outline swot分析法 pest分析法 pestel analysis case study Methodology Reference 论文题目选题
  • How to select the topics 日期:2010-06-21 21:57:25 点击:105 好评:0

    topic|writing tips|select...

  • How to find writing sources online 日期:2010-06-21 21:34:23 点击:159 好评:0

    Dear writer! If YOU: feel you lack online academic sources availability; feel you spend more time than needed on internet research; want to know how to perform an efficient academic-related on-line search; plan to take up an order in a new...

  • Writing anxiety 日期:2010-06-19 16:38:42 点击:106 好评:0

    For more advice on getting started writing and how to meet successfully deadlines, please read now. Many situations or activities, such as writing, taking tests, competing in sports, or speaking before a large audience, may make us anxious...

  • Writing Your First iPhone Application 日期:2010-06-09 13:22:39 点击:163 好评:0

    Writing Your First iPhone Application * Episode 2: Linking Table Views with a Navigation Controller Once you have a table view that shows some data, you typically want to navigate deeper when you select a table cell. For example, when you t...

  • RESEARCH METHODOLOGY GUIDE 日期:2010-03-29 16:06:25 点击:655 好评:2

    Chapter 3 METHODS OF RESEARCH The credibility of findings and conclusions extensively depend on the quality of the research design, data collection, data management and data analysis. This chapter discusses the research methods available fo...

  • Writing The Master's Thesis - The Preliminaries, Planning Ah 日期:2010-02-22 20:23:22 点击:151 好评:0

    master thesis...

  • ASSIGNMENT MARKING 怎么写thesis评分标准 日期:2010-02-20 21:44:43 点击:286 好评:0

    ASSIGNMENT MARKING 指导thesis评分标准...

  • Turnitin Sample 日期:2010-02-06 20:21:39 点击:358 好评:0

    Turnitin Sample...

  • References and Bibliographies 日期:2010-01-25 22:04:30 点击:371 好评:0

    Cusotom Thesis References and Bibliographies...

  • Guide To Writing A Master's Thesis 日期:2010-01-06 10:24:55 点击:237 好评:0

    指导Thesis的 技巧 Writing,Culminating Project...

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