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员工发展案例分析 Employee Development Case Study(2)

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Dutch Lady Malaysia manufactures and sells a variety dairy products and fruit juices for the home and export market such as Infant Formula, Growing-up Milk, Powdered Milk, Condensed Milk, UHT Milk, Sterilised Milk, Pasteurised Milk, Cultured Milk, Yoghurt and Fruit Juice Drinks. The Company's dairy products have a strong consumer following and are represented by strong brands such as Dutch Lady, Frisolac, Friso, Completa, Omela and Joy.
Dutch Lady motto is "Great ready for Life" as it applies to the products that they carry is also applies to the employees of Dutch as they use employee development to build the employees. At Dutch Lady Office in Malaysia, the 600 employees continue to discover ideal environment for lively, approachable team players who combine initiative with a genuine enthusiasm to learn.
In Dutch Lady Human Resource faces challenges from all levels from executives to managers, and these employees are being challenged daily by frustrated employees. Human resource challenges is costing the company time, money, resources, lost opportunities, and reduced productivity,
(taken from www.dutchlady.com.my)
Chapter Three
Literature Review
In order for the organization to perform effectively training needs analysis (TNA) needs to assist in identifying the needs of the employee that needs to be trained is it at departmental or organizational level. Training needs analysis need to ensure that training addresses existing problems, and is tailored to organisational objectives, delivered in an effective and cost efficient manner. (Chartered Management Institute 2005)
Training is one of the most important strategies for organizations to help employees gain proper knowledge and skills needed to meet the environmental challenges. (European Journal of Social Science 2010)
Employee development program and activities can be costly in terms of time and resources that organizations devote to them. Often such programs and activities must be justified by demonstrating their potential for adding value to the organization. (Employee Perceived Cost, 2008)
This will help strengthen the organization by increasing motivation and current information about the organization, helps employees makes their career development goals more realistic. Opportunities for promotion and/or lateral moves contribute to the employee's career satisfaction and attention to career development helps you attract top staff and retain valued employee (Guide to Human Managing Resources). It can also be looked into another direction whereby the organization will create a condition where employees believe that their organization value their contribution and care about their employment. It creates an obligation by the employees towards the organization and in turn willingness by employees to work hard to increase the organization's effectiveness (International Journal of Human Resource Management). (Arthur 1994; Woods and de Menezes 1998).(责任编辑:BUG)

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