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Background 背景

中国股市的“非理性投机”地位导致了弱式有效市场,导致股市低迷,投资者缺乏信心和其他严重的问题。通过传统的技术分析和基本分析工具,这是无法提供完美 的解释股票市场的波动性,因此一些学者开始寻找其他方法来探索能够更好地解释“第三的深圳综合指数运动中间道路。”在这一点上,消费者信心指数编制和发 布,为本研究提供了一个新的观点和想法。

2001年4月以来,中国已开始编制月度消费者信心指数数据,以及解释的主要预测社会和经济地位的社会经济发展状况。中 国股市的发展,出现了“非理性投机”、“弱有效市场”以及监督其他值得注意的特性,特别是2006年之后,中国股市起伏造成的经济冲击,鼓励更多的学者使 用技术分析除了分析的手段和方法理论体系来解释深圳综合指数走势,角度和心理、情感等因素行为金融学也越来越多的吸收人们的注意和关心。理论意义的分析, 借鉴国际成功经验的制备和应用消费者信心指标,努力行为金融学视角的影响,综合考虑投资者的心理,情感和其他因素对深圳股票市场综合指数走势和影响。在这 项研究中,需要大量的病例和可靠的数据来支持其结论。深圳股票市场指数包含很多,比如总部的数量,总市值,市值、收入,总营业额,消费者信心指数对应于同 一时期的关系的研究中,深圳综合股票市场指数由多个主成分分析计算。整个样本空间和股市上升,下降两个业者进行空间分析,丰富研究消费者信心指数,所以这 一观点得到更令人信服的结论,同时借鉴国内外现有的研究小组。根据实际情况和深圳股票市场的最新数据的消费者信心指数在这一特定背景下,将更准确,更有理 论指导意义的结论。
The "irrational speculation" status of Chinese stock market has contributed to "weak-form efficient market", which causes the stock market downturn, the lack of confidence of investors and other serious problems. Through traditional technical analysis and fundamental analysis tools, which is unable to provide perfect interpretation of the stock market volatility, and therefore some scholars began to look for other ways to explore better able to explain the  Shenzhen composite index movements of "third middle way." At this point, the consumer confidence index compiled and published, for this study provides a new perspective and ideas.

Since April 2001, China has started to compile monthly consumer confidence index data, and as interpreted by the leading predictor of economic and social status of Socio-economic development status. The development of China's stock market, there has been "irrational speculation", "weak efficient market "as well as supervision and other notable features, especially after 2006, China's stock market ups and downs which was caused by economic shocks, which encouraged more scholars to use technical analysis in addition to the means and methods of analyzing the theoretical system to explain  Shenzhen composite index movements, perspective and psychological, emotional factors such as behavioral finance are also more and more absorbing people's attention and concern. Theoretical significance of this analysis is that the preparation and application of learning from international successful experience in consumer confidence indicators, the impact of efforts to behavioral finance perspective and comprehensive consideration of investor psychology, emotion and other factors on the stock market  Shenzhen composite index movements and Influence. In this study, requires a lot of cases and reliable data to support its conclusions. Shenzhen stock market index contains many, such as the number of head office, the total market value, market capitalization, earnings, total turnover, with the consumer confidence index corresponding to the same period in the study of the relationship, Shenzhen comprehensive stock market index is calculated by multiple principal component analysis. By the overall sample space and the stock market rise, decline analysis of the two sub-sample space, enriching the research consumer confidence index, so that argument get more convincing conclusions, while drawing on existing research groups at home and abroad. On the basis of the actual situation and the latest data of Shenzhen stock market index of consumer confidence in this particular context, will draw more accurate, more theoretical guidance meaningful conclusions.(责任编辑:charlie)

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