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dissertation proposal

To help us allocate the appropriate supervisor it would be helpful if you provide a short proposal not exceeding three A4 pages referring to the following information.

You can draw from your assignments in the research methods module if still relevant for your MSc research. This is not marked but proves to be very useful in the initial discussions with a supervisor. It will also serve as a basic for the presentation of your research interest at the Dissertation Day, which will be organised at the beginning of the dissertation period.

There is no standard form that a dissertation proposal must take; the individual nature of each subject and its research needs may suggest a special format or type of proposal. In general, however, proposals should include the following information or answer the following questions:

Dissertation Subject: What is the proposal subject? What are its limits (in time period, geographical area, organisations and theories to be examined, etc.)? This should be stated at the beginning of the proposal.

Significance: Why is the subject important? What light may it shed on larger communication questions, or in what other way may it contribute to our field? Is the subject of sufficient interest that the dissertation is likely to be publishable?

Theoretical framework: Which theories and theoretical concepts will be used in your dissertation? Why? How do they relate to your subject area? How can they explain phenomena under consideration?

Methodology: What type of question will the dissertation address, and how will it try to answer it? Which research methods are would be most appropriate to use considering your limitations? 

State of existing scholarship: To what extent has the subject already been studied? What are the strengths or deficiencies of the existing scholarship?

Material Sources: What are the resources relevant to the subject? (e.g. technical tools, particular organisations, archival documents, rare publications, etc.) Where are these sources? Are there problems of access to any of them?

Work Accomplished: How far have you already progressed into the study? It may also be appropriate to mention the origin of your interest in the subject, relevant courses that have been taken, etc.

Work Remaining: What research will be required, and where will it be done? How long is it likely to take? Are there any special problems that may affect the course of the dissertation work?

Outline: Outline and proposed table of contents of the dissertation as presently envisaged.

Bibliography: This may be a selected bibliography, giving the most important works and suggesting the range of literature relevant to the subject.(责任编辑:charlie)

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