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  It is obviously that Ad is playing a significant role in people’s daily life. Ad can deliver the information and communicate the production and demand. Ad can stimulate demand and increase sales. Ad can promote competition and exploit market. Through large-scale advertising campaign, consumers can appeal to the enterprise's products, which for the enterprises to expand their market is very beneficial. Smart entrepreneurs are always good at using advertising to improve enterprises and products’ reputation, and thus raise the "worth" to promote competition and market development.
  Recently we heard that your company is preparing for the new clothing’s release. We know that the theme of the 2010 spring clothing is Campus Style; blue, red and white are the main color. It is our honor to gain this opportunity to propagandize your newly-issued product. We have made a systemic and professional plan for you, which can help your products well-welcome and maximize the profit.

Technical plan,
1. Statement of the problem
We know that that your company has established for less than five years, so the strength and popularity across the country are not well known. Your honorable company only has influence in the South, on the contrary, in the North; there are also other famous brands that restrict your development. The reason is that your company pay much attention to your creation, though that is very important for the clothing industry, you have lost sight of the expansion of the new market and the new target consumers. Then because of the geographical differences, the Northern people know very little to your company very little and even someone doesn’t know it. In our opinion, you must have realize that condition and you also want to break into the North market after several attempts were not very successful until now, as we know, you still haven’t find the efficient way to make it come true. Maybe that’s the reason you want favors from us. Luckily, our company has a series of professional programs for such problem that holds a large part of our service.
2. Technical description
It’s our honor to have this opportunity to corporate with your company and solve your problems. Although our company hasn’t launched for a long time, we have the ability to solve it. We have made many successful proposals for many big companies and brands such as the Rolls-Royce …….By the ads, we will initially establish your company’s brand reputation and goodwill in degrees in consumers’ mind in Beijing, Shenyang, and Jinan, and then can gain a firm foothold in these three markets, to realize the sale purpose. In the meanwhile, with these as a centre, it can attract potential distributors around the cities to join it.
   We separate the ads into three periods:
① Guidance Period
 The main task is to attract consumers to get the awareness and acceptance of the brand(责任编辑:英语论文代写)

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