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2.1 Introduction
The principle method of study is a case study through financial report, questionnaires, observation and interviews. The case study serves an important function as a qualitative method in management research and has provided many leads for theory, research and practice. Case studies are used in this instance as they offer the opportunity to observe problems, enabling an intensive study of the situation (Kazdin, 2003) and as much they frequently serve as the source for developing models and management techniques. They are also valuable in providing a counter instance for theories.
From a methodological standpoint, the traditional case study raises several problems such as:
• lack of experimental control techniques;
• relying heavily on anecdotal information in which judgment and interpretation can play a major role;
• absence of standardized or replicable procedures.
However, case studies have a persuasive and motivational value. A case study often provides a dramatic and persuasive demonstration and makes concrete and poignant what might otherwise serve as an abstract principle (Gummesson, 2000). Cases are convincing as the way information is compiled to convey a particular point, and have made important contributions to management research.

2.2 Philosophy
2.2.1 Method Selecting
The overall goal in selecting a basic business research method is to get the most useful information. The report should be chosen to use a combination of methods, questionnaire to quickly collect a great deal of information, deep observation combined with actual work experiences to understand the whole business operation and structure directly and clearly, and then follow-up interviews to get more in-depth data and relative information. That information would be integrated into a case study for more detailed analysis and application to test the propositions using quantitative data from financial reports.
2.2.2 Field Research
Research would be done on a basis of the questionnaire, observation and structured based interviews allowing first hand feedback to minimize ambiguity, resulting in a high quality response. The author conducted a pilot check with the assistance of some friends in the catering industry that allowed improvements to be made and implemented. The research involved:
•Qualitative approach using interviews and questionnaires, to develop an understanding of the main issues involved;
•Quantitative approach based on the data generated and collected by sample restaurant chain; and
•Analysis of Results

2.2.3 Research Methods
The most important target of this study is to design and apply the cost management techniques in the catering industry in China, the most rapidly developing market in the world. Therefore, in order to achieve the main purpose of this topic, this project will concentrate on secondary research with a case study, focusing on literature research and secondary data gathering as well. The dissertation will be divided into several sections to discuss and analyze each cost technique application, and those sections would be used to describe and analyze each technique combined with their relative literature review and application respectively.(责任编辑:BUG)

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