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The main purpose of this paper was to take China’s auto companies as research object to explore the relationship between e-commerce application and enterprises’ marketing performance. In this dissertation, it made use of questionnaire and case study to collect data, through introducing marketing capability as an intermediate variable to analyze the relationship between e-commerce application and enterprises’ marketing performance, using structural equation model to analyze the collected data of the China’s enterprises’. The research results showed that marketing capability was an important intermediate variable between e-commerce application and enterprises’ marketing performance, e-commerce application can increase enterprises’ marketing capability to improve their marketing performance. At the end of the dissertation, it pointed out that with the continued rapid development of information technology, e-commerce became a platform for enterprises’ survival and development, e-commerce application became their inevitable choice. Finally, it brought forward recommendation for how to make use e-commerce application.

Keywords: e-commerce, marketing capability, marketing performance, structural equation model, intermediate variables

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