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MBA Essay范文:初创公司的趋势和概念 Trends and Concepts of Startups

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与中小企业类似,启动时有很多定义。根据精益创业方法论的创始人以及流行创业博客——创业经验教训的作者Eric Ries定义,初创公司本质上是一个人类机构,旨在在极端不确定的条件下提供新产品或服务。
Definition of startup
Similar to SMEs, there are quite a lot of definitions on startup. According to Eric Ries, the creator of Lean Startup Methodology, as well as the author of the popular entrepreneurship blog – Startup Lesson Learned, startup – in its essential nature, is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainties.
The first thing to emphasize in this definition is that startup is a “human institution”, which means process, authority, or sometimes even idleness. They do not seem to be a part of startup. However, all sorts of stories about successful startups all over the world have institution lie somewhere in them, such as recruiting staff, coordinating their work, and creating the enterprise’s culture. Although some startups may conduct these activities radically, they are still the essential components for a successful startup.
For the “human” part, we often neglect that the value of startup is not the product, technology, or the company’s confidential data. Even when the company only possesses one product, the value still lies in all the people and the organization that creates it. To be more specific, we can take a look at the major acquisitions of startups. In most cases, the important aspects of the original startup disappear, including brand, products or documents. The only thing that lasts is the “human” part.
The novelty of the products or services delivered by the company is such an important yet complicated factor of the concept. Product, in its broadest meaning, encompasses any value for a set of people who voluntarily choose to be the customers. This stays true to any kind of startup, from packed products in a grocery store, an e-commerce website, a non-profit service or programs organized by the government. In all cases, the organization is establish to identify and deliver new value for the customers, as well as take care of the impact it brings to customers.
The last important component of this definition is the background of innovation. Startups are made up to confront extreme uncertainties. To open a new business that is the exact clone of the original ones, focusing on the business model, targeted customers, pricing and products in most cases is a fascinating kind of investment. However, it is not a startup because its success depends loads on only good execution. That is why a small enterprise may get loan for capital from the bank with uncertainties and risks for the loan owner to assess its potential.(责任编辑:cinq)

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