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MBA Essay格式:通用电气(GE)组织结构分析

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本文将从GE的Jack Welch到Jeff Immelt为CEO的过程中的生命周期图进行了识别。它还解决了他对组织结构的变化,从而实现了他的目标。此外,强调伴随这些变化的风险和权衡。最后,本文还对通用电气公司的运输部门提出了新的混合动力项目的建议。
从结构上讲,通用电气注重与全体员工的密切关系,以小公司式思维,每个人都直呼其名。在Jack Welch的最后一次管理会议上,他强调了以下几点:“拼命奋斗,保持小公司精神,让每个人参与,回报广泛庆祝。”!庆祝!庆祝!讨厌官僚主义,每天都讨厌它,不要害怕使用“仇恨”这个词。
对于产品和服务,Jack Welch将通用电气的业务从单纯的制造业到金融服务,通过大量的收购。GE产品清单包括航空、照明、配电、媒体娱乐、能源、石油和天然气、金融消费者、金融业、铁路、水、医疗保健。
1. Introduction 简介
This essay identifies GE on the life-cycle chart during the transition from Jack Welch to Jeff Immelt as CEO. It also addresses the changes he made to its organizational structures, thereby achieving his goals. Furthermore, highlighting the risks and trade-offs accompanied with those changes. Finally, this essay also gives recommendations to the transportation department of GE for the new Hybrid project.
2. Life-cycle 生命周期
Source: Adapted from Robert E. Quinn and Kim Cameron, 'Organizational lifecycle and Shifting Criteria of effectiveness: Some Preliminary Evidence,' Management Science 29 (1983), 33-51: and Larry E. Greiner, 'Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow, 'Harvard Business Review 50 (July-August 1972), 37-46 (Cited in Organizational Theory and Design Daft et al, 2010)
In terms of structure, GE was focused on having close relationship with all members of staff, with small company type thinking where everybody was on first name calling basis. In a speech by Jack Welch in his final management meeting he stressed the following, "Fight like hell to keep the small company spirit, involve everyone, reward broadly celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! Hate bureaucracy, hate it every day and don't be afraid to use the word hate, laugh at bureaucrats and get rid of Layers make fun of layers, joke about layers. They slow, they insulate, and they are what cheap people do in lieu of pay raises for people". (Jack Welch, 2000)
As for products and services, Jack Welch shifted GE business from purely manufacturing to financial services through numerous acquisitions. A list of GE products include Aviation, lighting, electric distribution, media and entertainment, energy, oil and gas, finance- consumer, finance- business, rail, water, healthcare.

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