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MBA Essay格式范文:福特汽车公司:挑战与机遇

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The purpose of the following report is to identify the most significant problems facing the Ford Motor Corporation and recommend a course of action that most adequately resolves the challenges of today's marketplace. It begins by outlining three of the major challenges facing the Ford Motor Company:
Ford's current business plan is not as financially and environmentally sustainable as it could be.
Global economic markets are performing far worse than Ford had expected in prior planning.
Ford's market share in developing foreign markets is lower than desired.
The report recommends that Ford should focus on creating a more financially and environmentally sustainable business model by developing energy efficient and environmentally sustainable automobile models in every vehicle class. These models should be developed without significant increases in consumer cost or decreases in overall performance. This is to be accomplished by revamping Ford's research and development program. Some potentially promising areas of research include hybrid electric vehicles, natural gas vehicles, and electric vehicles.
Ford has the opportunity to make the most progress by focusing on hybrid vehicle research and development. This is to be done by redirecting other R&D expenditures and efforts, scaling back production to free up additional funds, initiating a new public relations campaign to inform consumers about the new sustainable Ford plan, and creating partnerships with leading technology and engineering firms.
The report then presents an ethical screen outlining the moral considerations this course of action entails. While the creation of a more sustainable business model builds upon Ford's ethical commitments, the loss of jobs resulting from proposed production and retail facility closures conflicts with these principles. And while a course of action that brings about greater job losses to Ford employees is less than ideal, it arises from market conditions. Lack of action may result in even greater job losses on a long-term scale. In this way, the recommended course of action resonates with the ethical commitments outlined in Ford's Mission Statement.(责任编辑:BUG)

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